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Barb has always been known as the funny one. She's the person to whom everyone gravitates toward at a party. Luckily, Barb’s sense of humor was not affected by her paralysis. She enjoys sharing humorous personal experiences and her positive, light-hearted outlook on life with others through her “sit-down” comedy routine. Barb has found that laughter helps to put people at ease regarding her disability. Barb herself is most at ease when she is making others laugh.

Hire Barb for your next event and get ready to laugh so hard you might cry.

"Barb Frye really rounded out our conference program and left our attendees laughing with her humorous but thought-provoking lunch program. I could hear our attendees laughing. In fact, I heard them clapping while I stood in the hallway–and she wasn't even done yet!"

 - Dave Monforton - Conference Planner: The Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering www.atmae.org